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GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT is a standardized test that evaluates the ability to study at a business school. It is accepted by the world’s most respected business schools as a selection criterion.

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GMAT structure

Структура теста GMAT

The GMAT consists of 4 sections. The first two sections last for 30 minutes. On completing both Integrated Reasoning Section and Quantitative Section you will be given an 8-minute break. The total duration of the test is 210 minutes, or 3 hours 30 minutes.

Analytical Writing Assessment

AWA assesses your ability to think critically and to convey ideas properly. In this section, your task will be to analyze the author's reasoning and to criticize the argument.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Integrated Reasoning

IR assesses your ability to perceive information in a variety of formats, a skill required in a technologically advanced world of information.

Integrated Reasoning


The Quantitative Section evaluates the ability to analyze data and draw inferences by using logical conclusions. The scope of mathematical problems in this section is comparable to that you encountered in the first ten years of school. Moreover, you will not deal with trigonometry and logarithms.

Quantitative GMAT


The Verbal Section is aimed at assessing your ability to read and understand written language, analyze logical cases and correct grammatical mistakes within sentences in full accordance with academic English.

Verbal GMAT


The difficulty of the next task depends on how you answered the previous question. If you answer correctly, your next task will be of a higher difficulty. The difficulty level is strongly associated with percentile.

Адаптивность GMAT


Percentile is an indicator that shows the proportion of people who had passed the test worse than you did. In other words, if you get 65% for a section, then you turn out to have passed this section better than 65% of all the test takers in the last three years. The higher the percentile, the more unique you are.

Персентиль в GMAT


GMAT sections are
valued as follows:
AWA: 0 to 6
IR: 0 to 8
Quantitative & Verbal: 0 to 51 each
You will also receive a percentile
for each section. Interestingly,
the first two sections do not
contribute to the final score.

Баллы в GMAT

GMAT peculiarities:

  • You can take the GMAT 5 times a year;
  • There must be at least a 16-day gap between your attempts;
  • In Ukraine, there is only one certified GMAT test-center;
  • In order to get a better score, you need to equalize Verbal Section and Quantitative Section;
  • Because of the adaptivity, you should start both Verbal and Quantitative with a row of correctly answered questions;
  • In the test center, you will be provided with a draft, two markers and ear plugs;
  • You find out the result of the test right after you do the last task. The official result differs in that it includes the score for AWA;
  • Despite the fact that GMAT and GRE are often seen as two alternatives, they have significant differences.

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