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LSAT - Law School Admission Test

The LSAT was primarily designed for US law schools. The test assesses reading skills and verbal-logical thinking. The assessment lasts for up to 4 hours. The LSAT results are used in the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.

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LSAT structure

Структура теста GMAT


The reading section lasts an hour and a half and consists of several questions and a passage of 400-500 words. As it is in other similar tests, this section evaluates a person’s ability to understand and analyze written academic English.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Logical Reasoning

The test-taker will be given several statements where he is required to find logical errors. Hence, this section is aimed at evaluating the ability to assess logical patterns. In 35 minutes the test-taker will have to accomplish 25 tasks.

Integrated Reasoning

Analytical reasoning

This part of the test contains logical puzzles. It requires to make up inferences and conclusions on the basis of the given information.

Quantitative GMAT


The score for the written part of the test does not affect the overall score, but the essay itself will be sent to law schools along with other documents.

Verbal GMAT

Trial section

This section consists of experimental tasks that do not affect the final score.

Адаптивность GMAT


  • The test can be taken 3 times in 2 years;
  • The average LSAT score is 150;
  • The test does not require strong mathematical skills

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