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Speaking Club – club of spoken English

Speaking Club in Cracker is conducted in groups of 4 to 7 people. The pursued aims of the participants are to learn new vocabulary, to overcome the linguistic barrier when communicating in English and to develop the skills of reading and memorizing.

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Speaking Club в Киеве

Among other things, the main task of Speaking Club at Cracker is to prepare students for passing international tests. In the learning process, special attention is given to memorizing specific vocabulary required by GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and LSAT.

Speaking Club в Киеве

At Cracker, the Speaking Club is conducted in three different formats:

Speaking Club GMAT / LSAT (5 weeks, 2 sessions each)

  • Reading of specific texts;
  • Analysis of covered material;
  • Discussion of texts in the classroom;
  • Speaking on different topics using studied vocabulary;
  • Logical analysis;
  • Emphasis on academic grammar.

Speaking Club TOEFL / IELTS (5 weeks, 2 sessions each)

  • Oral analysis of graphic information;
  • Reading of academic essays and their discussion;
  • Analysis and retelling of academic texts;
  • Language games.

Speaking Club General (4 weeks, two sessions each)

  • Speaking on general topics;
  • Watching of video material and its discussion;
  • Speaking English before the audience;
  • Reading of texts on general topics.

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