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The process of entering a business school consists of a number of stages, one of which is the preparation of documents for submission. Cracker will help you translate your CV, Letter of Recommendation, Letter of Introduction, Letter of application (Cover Letter) and many other types of documents into English.

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Перевод документов в Киеве

In addition to the translation service, the following types of document editing are available to you:


Editing is a process of improving the written text in terms of style and conciseness. The editor has the right to delete entire sentences from the original text or rewrite entire paragraphs. He tries to correct all obvious stylistic errors, but his main goal is to ensure the consistency, conciseness and uniqueness of the written message.

Перевод документов в Киеве


This type of editing checks the final draft for any language errors. The editor corrects spelling and punctuation errors, typos and the use of regional language.

Вычитка эссе в Киеве


The combination of Editing and Proofreading. In addition to correcting the written text in terms of style and grammar, the editor takes into account all standards of academic language (frequent use of transitional words, "linkers", logical breakdown of text into paragraphs, etc.)

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